New Football Romance Story Coming Soon!

Football Romance
A riveting sports romance story of opposites attracting and a relationship of convenience turning into something more … 

I set the rules … but maybe it’s time to break them …

For Charlotte Blair, life has never been easy. Growing up in a poor family, she had to constantly scrimp and save in order to afford college. Unfortunately, medical bills drain her savings and she finds herself further behind the 8-ball than ever. How will she ever be able to afford nursing school?

Coming from a tightknit and wealthy family, life has never been particularly hard for football star Dax Taylor. Born with natural ability as well as a father and older brother to train him, it appears as if Dax is on his way to football stardom. However, unearned success can be deadly and Dax finds himself falling for the easy temptations of money and fame. So much so, they are threatening his career. What can he do?

When Dax meets Charlotte at the Café she works at he hits upon the perfect plan. She will pretend to be his perfect girlfriend for the press and he will pay her school tuition in return. The ground rules are set and they couldn’t be simpler. Charlotte will not have to have sex with Dax and, in return, Charlotte promises to not fall in love. Easy, right? What could go wrong? It turns out … everything.

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