Vegas Virgin by Kelli Callahan Review

“Vegas Virgin: Bad Boy & Virgin Romance” by Kelli Callahan is the story of a good girl falling for a bad boy. The setup for the story is that Peoria decides to travel to Vegas on her 21st birthday with her best friend Fiona. However, her luggage is stolen by Vincent, who actually isn’t that bad but whose family has fallen on hard times. When he goes through her stuff the girl he sees on the camera fascinates him. What shocks him even more is that this same girl manages to track him down and appears at his front door! This is where the romance begins and it is fast-paced and steamy. Will Vincent be able to mend his ways and truly win Peoria’s heart? This is an HEA book, so you can probably guess the answer. However, the journey is one the author makes worth taking and the ending is very satisfying.

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