Lake O’Hara Trip!

I recently had the opportunity to visit Lake O’Hara in British Columbia. It is located in an absolutely gorgeous alpine region with multiple┬átrails and many lakes. What is unique about this park though is that admittance is extremely limited. You are not permitted to drive or take a bike in. The only way you can get in is to take a bus, and space on the bus is extremely limited. By limiting the number of people that can enter the park is able to stay in a pristine state. I’ve posted a link to an article about Lake O’Hara below, as well as some pictures that I took. I’m sure you’ll agree that some of these shots are amazing!

Click HERE to read more about Lake O’Hara

This squirrel was very tame and wouldn’t leave me alone until I gave him some nuts!

Here’s an example of a trail.

Many of the trails are quite flat and wind around the lakes.

If you are willing to hike, you will be rewarded with views like this.

All in all, it was an amazing experience I won’t soon forget!


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